Lord Jamar breaks down Supreme Mathematics


1)  KNOWLEDGE – is the foundation of all things in existence.  It is symbolic to the Asiatic Black man for the face he is the foundation to his family.  He is the center of his family controlling them with the knowledge of himself.  Knowledge is also symbolic to the Sun for the fact the Sun is the foundation to the Solar System.  the Sun is the center of the Solar System controlling all the planets with its gravitational pull.  It is broken down into two words, know and Ledge.  Once you master the Ledge you mastered knowledge itself.  Knowledge means to know the ledge and not to fall of the edge into the pits of ignorance.  Ignorance means to ignore the facts.  Knowledge is the foundation of all intelligence, all experience and all thought.  It allows the righteous black man to stand upright on his square at all times being free of the devils.  It is to know all truths and facts about everything in life.  Once you deviate from the path of knowledge, you have deviated from the path of Righteousness, for the fact knowledge is as infinite as Allah Himself.

2) WISDOM – is the wise words spoken by the wise person such as I, to show and prove the knowledge of Self and the Existence of God which is myself and the existence of the Father Allah, the Original Mind that everything into existence.  Wisdom is symbolic t the Asiatic Black Woman for the fact she is secondary but most necessary for the fact she bring forth the best part of life, which is the Understanding or the Asiatic Black Child.  It is also symbolic to the Moon for the she receives her Light from the Sun meaning that her light is secondary.  Wisdom is broken down into two words Wise and Dome,  Once you wise your dome you can wise the dome of the Blind, deaf and Dumb, to make them see, hear and speak.  It is the supreme manifestation of thought which releases the dumb from the confinement of darkness which is the black from the Devil’s Society and way of living.

3) UNDERSTANDING – is the clear picture one draws up in the mind of knowledge and wisdom which is perfectly understood by the all seeing eye, which is the Mind or the Third eye.  It is symbolic to the Asiatic Black Child for the fact it takes knowledge and Wisdom to bring forth the Understanding.  It is also the Star.  the star shines its own light by manifesting the truth by using knowledge and wisdom.  It is comprehension (the ability to understand truth or facts) to come to know about things you deal with each and everyday in each and every way. it is the ability to think and learn.  It is the interpretation of known facts possessing or showing intelligence.

4) CULTURE or FREEDOM – CULTURE is the way of life that you live.  The culture I live is the Divine Culture of Islam.  Islam is the way of life that each and every black family should live.  Islam broken down in its true nature is I Self Lord And Master or simply I-God the Supreme Being Black man of Asia who is Islam.  He is Islam and Islam is him.  Islam is also mathematics for the Black woman to live them our.  Islam means to the Black Women, I-Sincerely-Love-Allah’s Mathematics, which is the acceptance of a Black Woman into Islam because one must love Islam to live it out.  And it must be lived out right and exact or it will not serve its purpose to you because the nation of Islam is all wise and does everything right and exact.  No man can come between you and your culture.  The doesn’t want the Blackman to know or have his culture.  With Islam you want for your brother as you want for yourself.  FREEDOM is to free your dome from the Devil’s civilization.  It is to leave from a state of mental death and power which is Christianity or any other Religion, into a state of righteousness, love, peace and happiness which is the culture the Divine culture of Islam.  Islam guides you from that mental state of unawareness to that mental state of awareness and consciousness.  Freedom is the very nature of the divine culture of Islam.  The truth of Islam will set you free from all impurities and unrighteousness because the Divine nature of Islam is Righteousness.  Freedom is to free the dome of the wickedness which lies within.  It is liberty, independence and unrestrictive ness.  To be able to choose without being told how, when or what.  We were freed from the chains f slavery in the 1800’s, but were mentally, socially and politically still slaves, although it is a step closer to freedom, you are not free until you are Free mentally.

5) POWER or REFINEMENT – POWER is the truth and the truth is the power square, the square of pure righteousness.  It is the truth which is the light that brings one out of the triple stages of darkness into their true way of life which is Islam.  it gives the wise man the ability to control and refine all that comes within his circumference.  The power lies within the Black man mentally, as well as physically, because within his mentality and intelligence, lies supreme powers and forces which created all things in existence through the science of Supreme Mathematics, which all things in existence can be shown and proved through, when I say all things, I mean the Universe because the Universe is everything )all things)  The five parts of the black man’s body consist of 72 degrees which shows and proves God’s wisdom is also to refine ones mentality and ways and actions.  To be free from all impurities and unrighteousness is refinement.  REFINEMENT  is to purify yourself both physically and mentally thought the Culture of Islam.  it is to be purified in other words Holy, and Holy is something that is not mixed, tampered or diluted with in any form.

6) EQUALITY – Is to be equal in all things in existence such as knowledge, wisdom and understanding. When you share your knowledge through wisdom, and bring forth an understanding It only shows and proves equality. Knowledge (1), Wisdom (2) and Understanding (3) is all being born to equality. Equality means to be equal in everything which is the father’s ability to deal equal with the life nourishing which is truth and righteousness (that is the father’s teaching) equality is also the nature of the Black woman because that is her limitation. She cannot exceed it. She can only be elevated by god to her fullest quality, by her uniting with god to bring forth the understanding of the culture which the baby is. The making of Islam.

7) GOD – is the Supreme Being, the Blackman from Asia.  He is the Universal Builder of all things in existence, who has the power to build or destroy.  God is the black man who has knowledge of himself and all things around him.  It is the black man accepting and living in the realm of reality about his true nature, which is divine, because God’s cipher is divine.  I being God my number is Seven.  Seven is perfection.  Seven days in a week, seven colors in a rain bow, seven notes in a musical scale, seven seas in the world, seven holes in your head, and there is many more.

8) BUILD or DESTROY – Build is to add on to life step by step to form a positive establishment between the righteous to develop a high elevation of Supreme Understanding by teaching the truth which is Islam.  Build is a constant elevation of truth, knowledge and life itself.  Destroy is to eliminate or destroy any and all negativity that enters my cipher of supreme harmony.  Build is to add and build on to the growth and development of the 5 percent nation of Islam, mentally as well as physically All or any opposing forces must and will be crushed.  to build is to elevate the mentalities of self and others. To build, you must start from the root which is the knowledge foundation, and add on to the highest peak. To build is to utilize the supreme powers of the mind which are also able to destroy all negativity (impurities and unrighteousness) to show and prove the power of the universal builder or destroyer. He, who is the wise man of the east. Supreme being, Black man Allah who’s purified state of mind is divided knowledge which makes the culture a divine culture Islam equal I-stimulate-Life-and-matter. Build is to add data to facts making knowledge which is a concrete foundation for positive thoughts. Thus destroying all negativity of the cipher. Now it’s time to build upon Islam positively so we can destroy bad things, which will bring devilishment to Islam.

9) BORN – Is to be brought into existence physically, as well as, mentally. Physically through the mother’s womb, and mentally through Allah’s mathematics. Born is to be brought from being a slave of a mental power and death into the illuminating light of realization about self, through the teachings of a true and living god. Born is knowledge and understanding being manifested through god’s wisdom. (wise words).  Born is the completion of all things in existence. All things must come from the knowledge to be born to the cipher. To be born to knowledge of self is to be- born to the reality of one’s self. Knowledge Black man plus wisdom Black woman equal born understanding Black child which is complete within the cipher. Just as it takes 9 months for a black child to be born.  It take 9 steps through Allah’s mathematics to be born.

0) CIPHER – is a circle, a completion of 360 degrees, consisting of 120 degrees Knowledge, 120 degrees Wisdom, and 120 degrees Understanding. The cipher has no beginning or ending point so that we may rid our cipher of all negativity. A cipher is a person, place or thing. Everything in life pertains to a cipher. cipher is See-I-Power-Her.

PEACE = Positive – Energy – Always – Creates – Elevation.

When the number ten is manifested, it would be knowledge add on cipher or knowledge add a cipher or knowledge cipher. Knowledge representing the number 1, and Cipher representing the number zero.

Dropping Science