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June 2021

Is Rapper/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 a Part of the Illuminati?

(MENAFN¬†– GetNews) Actor turned music producer and artist, Revelation 13:18, is steady on the path of showing not just the music industry, but the world knowledge of self. Growing up in Louisville, KY (in the West End home of Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali), Revelation moved to Los Angeles’s South Central Overhill and Slauson area...Continue reading

Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 launches lifestyle brand targeting at-risk youth

KNOWLEDGE + WISDOM = UNDERSTANDING, INC. LIFESTYLE BRAND INCLUDING RECORD LABEL, FILM COMPANY, CLOTHING LINE AND LITERARY PUBLISHING Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding, Inc. is a lifestyle brand including Record Label, Film Production, Clothing Line and Literary Publishing founded by Artist/Producer/Actor Revelation 13:18 established in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky operating out of Los Angeles California...Continue reading
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